Preparing for the HiSET®
Get the tips and materials you need to prepare – directly from the HiSET program, or from your test center or adult education program.

Tips and Strategies for Preparing for the HiSET Exam

Make a Plan

Learn what the test covers and think about which areas you feel most confident about, then make a study plan. Give yourself plenty of time to study so you don’t have to “cram” new material right before your exam. The longer it’s been since you were in school, the more preparation you’ll probably need.


You’ll have a calculator for the Mathematics subtest. If you’re taking the paper-delivered test, your test center will give you a handheld calculator. If you’re taking the computer-delivered test, it will be on-screen.

Scratch Paper

You’ll receive scratch paper before the exam starts, but can ask the test administrator for more scratch paper if you need it. You can only have up to three sheets at a time, so the test administrator will collect your used scratch paper before giving you more.


You’ll get breaks between subtests if you’re taking more than one in one day. If you have to take a break, you’ll need to get permission from the test center staff. Please be advised that the clock will not be stopped and you won’t get any additional time.

Find an Adult Ed Center

For little or no cost, Adult Education programs will prepare you to take the HiSET and earn your high school equivalency credential.

Prep Materials

The HiSET program offers a variety of free and low-cost resources to help familiarize you with exam questions and the computer-delivered testing experience.

Prep Providers

HiSET Exam Prep providers can be used to supplement Adult Education courses or fully support independent study.

Everything test takers need to know about the HiSET.

For a complete overview of everything you need to know about the HiSET high school equivalency test and credential, download the official HiSET Test Taker Bulletin.