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Scheduling HiSET® appointments

When helping test takers to schedule, be sure to explain their testing options:

– Paper or computer test (if your center offers both)

– English or Spanish language

– One or more subtests

– One day for all five subtests or multiple testing appointments

Once scheduling is complete, let test takers know that they can view all of the appointment details at any time within their HiSET account. You should also remind them to make sure they review the identification requirements and bring the proper ID with them on test day.

Changing appointments

Test takers can reschedule or cancel their test appointments, and they can schedule a new appointment to retake a test if they don’t pass or if they want to take it again. Your state or jurisdiction’s policies determine how they can schedule.

Test takers with disabilities or health-related needs

All test takers who require testing accommodations must request accommodations before scheduling their appointment. For more information, see Disability Accommodations.

HiSET® Exam Eligibility

Each state has its own eligibility requirements. Before doing anything else, test takers should check to make sure that they are eligible to take the HiSET® exam in your state or jurisdiction. Requirements typically involve:

– Minimum age

– Residency

– Practice test or instruction

– School enrollment status


HiSET test fees vary by state or jurisdiction. The base charge for each subtest is $10.75 for computer-delivered tests and $15 for paper-delivered tests. However, additional test center and administrative fees may apply.