HiSET Practice Tests

Be sure that your test takers are as well prepared for test day as possible with our range of test prep content, both free and for purchase, in paper format and online.  We are constantly looking to expand our library and new practice tests will be available by Summer 2024.

Official Practice Tests  

We provide Official Practice Tests (OPTs) for use by approved adult education and literacy programs. These OPTs are restricted (i.e., sequestered) from public access and cannot be purchased directly by test takers. Paper-based versions can be purchased through the HiSET website and computer-based versions of the OPTs are available through Essential Education. We provide instructions on how to obtain OPTs on our website and during training sessions.

  • Each OPT is approximately half the length of the actual HiSET subtest and includes new practice test questions with rationales, test directions, an answer key, and an answer sheet. While passages may overlap in the practice tests, the items associated with the passages are unique to each practice test. Most of the test items on the recent practice tests are unique.
  • In summer 2024, new full-length Official Practice Tests will be available.

“Are You Ready?” Results Scorecard

Help your test takers gauge their exam readiness with the “Are You Ready?” Scorecard. The Scorecard provides preparedness ranges from “Not yet prepared” to “Well prepared” so that your test taker can see where more practice is required to have the most successful outcome on their HiSET exam.

For information about free downloadable pdf and computer-based practice tests, as well as HiSET Paid Practice Tests, visit HiSET Practice Tests.