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The HiSET® exam is the first step toward college, a better job, or a whole new career. Don’t wait any longer to change your life and expand your opportunities.

What makes up the HiSET?

What happens to my scores?

How do I get started?

What’s on the exam?

The HiSET® exam is made up of five sections. Learn more about the exam with our Test at a Glance info brief, or start practicing with our official sample questions.

Your High School Equivalency Credential: What to Expect

Where is it accepted?

Your HSE credential will be accepted by every state, territory and jurisdiction, as well as by the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. military and federal programs.

When scores are available?

For computer-delivered tests, your scores will be available within three business days for multiple-choice tests, and five business days for the Language Arts – Writing subtest. A paper-delivered test may take a little longer.

How to access your scores?

Your scores will be automatically sent to your state, but you can request your transcript or diploma.

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Check Your State Requirements

Every state has its own rules and requirements for eligibility. Find out if you are eligible to take the HiSET exam in your state or jurisdiction

Prepare for the Exam

Start studying with the HiSET exam’s official free and low-cost test prep materials and resources.

Find an Adult Education Program or Test Center

Use our search tool to find a local program to help you prepare for and take the HiSET exam.

Create a Free myHiSET Account

Through your myHiSET account, you can search for test dates, book and pay for your test, view your scores and update your personal information.

Everything test takers need to know about the HiSET.

For a complete overview of everything you need to know about the HiSET high school equivalency test and credential, download the official HiSET Test Taker Bulletin.