HiSET® Test Prep Providers

Essential Education — The official test prep provider for the HiSET® exam

The HiSET Academy® Online Learning Program, from Essential Education, is a customized, adaptive learning program that can be used to supplement Adult Education Courses or fully support independent study. Access to the HiSET Academy includes:

– Diagnostic Assessment — After working through the pre-assessment and personalized learning plan, you take the built-in practice test evaluating depth of knowledge. Based on your responses, specific HiSET Academy lessons and Essential Skills Workbook practice are prescribed to help you improve.

– Interactive Instruction — Over 200 hours of lessons in math, reading, writing, science and social studies. This functions as a personal tutor for the adult learner.

For Instructors Only

Working with the HiSET® program, Essential Education brings you the online HiSET Academy® Official Practice Test designed to measure readiness for the HiSET exam, providing adult learners and instructors pinpoint diagnostics for improvement. Essential Education is the exclusive provider of this online study tool that:

– Covers all five curriculum subjects

– Aligns to the format and structure of the HiSET exam

– Provides actionable feedback on learning gaps and areas of proficiency

– Links to HiSET Academy lessons for further study (additional purchase may apply)

Aztec Learning System

The Aztec Learning System, from Aztec Software®, offers free cloud-based practice tests that can help you experience what it’s like to take the HiSET exam.

Common Core Achieve

Common Core Achieve, from McGraw-Hill Education, is made up of Core Subject Modules, corresponding online lessons and Exercise Books that mirror the scope and format of the HiSET exam.

Fast Forward™

Fast Forward, from KET — Kentucky Educational Television®, helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll know where you’re ready and where you need to work harder.

i-Pathways: Learning Pathways in Adult Education

i-Pathways: Learning Pathways in Adult Education, from the Center for the Application of Information Technologies, Western Illinois University, offers you online or offline technology-driven test preparation.

New Readers Press HiSET® Exam Preparation

New Readers Press offers digital and print solutions to help you succeed on the HiSET® exam.

Test Prep Books

Our comprehensive study guide is designed with the test taker in mind.