Test Administration
Before you can administer the test, you have to be approved by the state. Once you’re approved, your team at the testing site will have to complete training. Afterwards you’ll be ready to administer the exam. Don’t worry, the HiSET® program provide the tools and resources you need to make this happen!

Join the HiSET® Community

Becoming a state-approved test center involves a partnership with your state and with the HiSET program. If you are interested in becoming a test center and joining our community, contact us! We are always here to help test centers. As a state-approved test center, you will receive:

  • Test administration training
  • Compliance training on state requirements and policies
  • Promotional materials for test takers
  • Customer support to help with test-taker accommodations
  • Technical support during the testing process

Prepare to Administer

Learn more about the steps you’ll take to administer the exam. Review test security policies and procedures.

Get Test Admin Materials

Learn more about how to get test materials and order forms for HiSET vouchers, practice tests, and more.

Disability Accommodations

Learn more about how you can support test takers with disabilities or health-related needs.