Your HiSET® Scores
Whether you’ve taken one subtest or all five, you’re on your way! Your HiSET scores show you have the skills and knowledge needed to earn your high school equivalency credential, and can be accessed through your myHiSET account.

When Will You Get Your Scores?

Official Scores

After a quality check process is complete, your official scores are posted to your myHiSET account.

On average, official scores are posted within three business days for multiple-choice subtests, and five business days for the Language Arts – Writing subtest.

If you took a paper-delivered test, score posting may take longer if the test center doesn’t send the answer sheets to us promptly.

Who Else Gets Your Scores?

Your scores are automatically sent to the state that will issue your high school equivalency credential.

You may send your scores to whomever you would like, such as a community college, university, military or employer, through your online account.

We can only send your scores to a third-party agency if they are a Designated Institution. We won’t share your test scores with third parties without your consent.

Passing Criteria

Most states use the HiSET® passing criteria which means to pass the HiSET exam, you need to:

– Score at least 8 out of 20 on each of the five subtests

– Score at least 2 out of 6 on the essay

– Achieve a total scaled score on all five HiSET subtests of at least 45 out of 100

The HiSET pass score is based on a national study of high school juniors and seniors and indicates that 60 percent of graduating high school students would pass the HiSET exam. Your score reports show whether or not you passed.

What is a scaled score?

Most tests report a raw score— in other words, the number right versus the number wrong. The HiSET exam uses multiple versions called “forms,” so, we can’t do a simple comparison of number right versus number wrong because the test you took might have been slightly different than a form that someone else took. To make it fair, we use a scaled score.

A scaled score makes it easier to compare scores across different forms of the same test. We get it by adjusting raw scores onto a common scale. A passing score of 8 doesn’t mean you got eight questions right, it means given the difficulty of the test form you took, you achieved an 8 on a scale. A scaled score makes it easy to keep tests fair and to support retesting.

What are the different HiSET score reports?

Your HiSET test results are available in a set of reports.

Comprehensive Score Report — This is a cumulative record of all your HiSET results. You’ll get an updated report after each subtest if your score improves. The report shows the highest score you earned on each subtest. View a sample Comprehensive Score Report.

Individual Test Report — You’ll get one of these after each subtest. It will include your score for a single subtest and information about what that score means. View a sample Individual Test Report.

How can you send score reports?

You can view and print all of your reports through your HiSET account. If you have any questions or need help with this, you can contact your test center.

What is on the Comprehensive Score Report?

The Comprehensive Score Report is a cumulative record of all of your HiSET test-taker information. You have one Comprehensive Score Report that is updated after each subtest if your score improves.

The Comprehensive Score Report includes:

– Date of the report

– Test dates

– Test status (the number of subtests you have taken)

– If you met the three passing criteria

– Cumulative record of highest scaled scores on each subtest

– Indication of whether you passed the HiSET

What is on the Individual Test Reports?

Individual Test Reports include your score for a single subtest and an explanation of what that score means. You have an Individual Test Report for each subtest you’ve taken, so you may have several. They are listed in your HiSET account by test date.

The Individual Test Reports reports include the following information:

– Test date

– Subtest scaled score result

– Minimum scaled score result required to pass

– If you achieved the minimum scaled score to pass

– If you demonstrated college and career readiness by achieving a scaled score of 15 out of 20

– Performance Summary by individual competency

Everything test takers need to know about the HiSET.

For a complete overview of everything you need to know about the HiSET high school equivalency test and credential, download the official HiSET Test Taker Bulletin.