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Online Proctored Tests
Secure and always available

About HiSET Secure Online Proctored Tests

HiSET has offered secure online proctored subtests since June 2020. What started as a response to the pandemic has become a valuable solution to HiSET test takers in remote locations, those who may have medical, social or physical restrictions that make it easier and safer to test from home, or those who just need the flexibility that testing closer to home, at any time, allows.

HiSET Online Proctored Subtests Are:

  • The same computer-based test, administered on the same software that the test taker would use in a test center
  • Accessed on the test taker’s computer, at home or from another secure location — and monitored by a proctor online in real time
  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Test takers must meet all state requirements to take the HiSET as an online proctored exam, as well as following the rules for a secure environment. Special ID requirements may apply. Test takers must also be able to meet the technical requirements needed to launch and complete the test.

What Makes HiSET Online Proctoring Secure

  • HiSET’s online proctored tests are taken using PSI’s Secure Browser, which prevents users from copying, pasting, taking screen captures, using instant messaging programs, opening other applications, or accessing other websites. Same technology used in HiSET test centers.
  • The check-in process includes presentation of the test taker’s official ID, ensuring that no testing-by-proxy is occurring. A dedicated check-in specialist greets the test taker and then a proctor takes over to monitor the exam. Test taker selfies are used throughout the session and a combined system plus human comparison of the ID and the selfie image is completed.
  • A live proctor monitors the test taker throughout the test session for prohibited behavior such as suspicious movements, potential communication, surveillance, recording devices, or any other prohibited items during the exam. Banned behaviors will result in exam termination, exam fees will be forfeited and further investigations or actions may be required.
  • The entire test session is recorded, from check in to close out of the online proctoring application.  Technical Support for online proctored test takers is available 24/7 via live chat throughout the testing experience.

PSI – Leaders in Secure Online Proctoring

Starting with Software Secure, PSI has been a pioneer in secure online proctoring since 1998. In 2023, approximately 10% of our national HiSET testing is online proctored, representing tens of thousands of test takers that might otherwise not be able to earn their high school equivalency credential.

On the PSI website, we provide short visual guides and videos to help test takers and their advocates determine if they are a good candidate for online proctored exams and to help them understand what to expect. Visit for more information. Topics include:

  • Installing the PSI Secure Browser
  • Bandwidth checks
  • Application security checks
  • Policies and user agreements
  • Authenticating Your Identity
  • Live environment scan or check
  • Live chat with your proctor
  • Ending the live testing session

Our HiSET Test Taker Bulletin details how test takers should prepare for online proctored tests as well as what is allowed and what actions should be avoided to prevent security violations during their exam. Review the Test Taker Bulletin at

If you want to learn more about the HiSET online proctor experience for your state, please visit the State Requirements page of the HiSET website at or reach out to your HiSET representative.