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Recent HiSET Updates

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10/10/2022: Weekly Wednesday Webinar Series Cancelled

As we strive to provide answers to your questions and updates in the most efficient, effective and productive way, we are cancelling the “Weekly Wednesday Webinars” so that we may concentrate more resources and efforts to respond to your direct questions coming in via the site administration emails and the Helpdesk. Effective immediately, the remaining weekly webinars are being cancelled:

October 12 Cancelled

October 19 Cancelled

October 26 Cancelled

While the “Weekly Wednesday Webinars” are being cancelled with no reschedule at this time, we look to continue with a monthly update or a virtual training coming soon!

As a reminder, answers to many of your questions can be found in the HiSET Training Resources and On-Demand Video Training Links noted in previous updates.

9/22/2022: Please Update Your Declaration of Hours

To provide your site’s schedule and operating hours, please complete and submit the form at this link.

9/22/2022: HiSET Training Resources and On-Demand Video Training Links

In support of our ongoing HiSET training, following are links to the Brainshark online, on-demand computer-based training sessions, as well as the corresponding PDF for each training session.

We’re also providing links to the recorded replay sessions for two of the three training webinars. Use the provided password to access each recorded webinar.

Brainshark Videos:

1 – GPS, Exam Browser / Google Chrome Install
Intro to GPS, instructions to install Google Chrome and the PSI Exam Browser (25 minutes)
Access video: Link
Accompanying PDF: HiSET – GPS, Google Chrome and Exam Browser Installation (.88MB)

2 – GPS Overview
Introduction to the PSI testing administration system, check-in, check-out, rosters, and reporting (25 minutes)
Access video: Link
Accompanying PDF: HiSET – GPS Training Overview.pdf (.94MB)

3 – TCA Portal
Introduction to the PSI TCA Portal for test center staff to register tester takers and schedule their exams – for sites that schedule their appointments on the test taker’s behalf (30 minutes)
Access video: Link
Accompanying PDF: HiSET – TCA Portal.pdf (1.37MB)

4 – TCA Portal [Video]
Step-by-step video walk-through on how to register test takers and schedule their exams for sites that schedule their appointments on the test taker’s behalf  (9 minutes)
Access video: Link

5 – Session Management: Hours of Operation Form
How to complete and submit the Hours of Operation form (25 minutes)
Access video: Link
Accompanying PDF: Session Management – Test Center Hours of Operation Form.pdf (.78MB)

6 – Paper Based Training
General overview for the paper-based test (PBT) process, supplies, and answer sheets processing (20 minutes)
Access video: Link
Accompanying PDF: HiSET – Paper Based Tests – Training.pdf (1.15MB)

WebEx Webinar Recordings:
WebEx Live Webinar – Replay Link for Tuesday 09/20/22 session
HiSET Test Center Training Webinar (Session 1 of 3)  
Passoword: eBpqKQN4
WebEx Live Webinar – Replay Link for Wednesday 09/21/22 session (and password):  
HiSET Test Center Training Webinar (Session 2 of 3)
Password: JaTk4MbA

WebEx Live Webinar – Replay Link for Thursday 09/22/22 session
HiSET Test Center Training Webinar (Session 3 of 3)  
Passoword: mDMPQR9G
WebEx Live Webinar – Replay Link for Thursday 09/22/22 PBT Sites Only session (and password):  
HiSET PBT Test Centers Only Training Webinar (Session 2 of 2)
Password: jQUQPiJ7

9/20/2022: REMINDER — HiSET Training Starts Today!

As a reminder, below are the Training Webinar links (and password) for the upcoming training sessions!
The 3 sessions are all the same, simply choose to attend on the day that best fits your schedule. 

To accommodate schedules multiple webinar training sessions are available:
• Training Session 1  (password: HiSET2022#) — Tuesday, September 20th, 12:00-2:00 PM ET
• Training Session 2  (password:  HiSET2022#) — Wednesday, September 21st, 12:00-2:00 PM ET
• Training Session 3  (password:  HiSET2022#) — Thursday, September 22nd, 12:00-2:00 PM ET

On the day of training, click the training session link of your choice to join the webinar

For sites that only deliver paper-based testing please attend one of the sessions listed below that best fits your schedule:
• Paper-Only Training Session 1  (password: HiSET2022#) — Wednesday, September 21st, 3:00-4:00 PM ET
 Paper-Only Training Session 2  (password: HiSET2022#) — Thursday, September 22nd, 3:00-4:00 PM ET

*Training sessions will be recorded and shared for those unable to attend

9/16/2022: Download HiSET Test Center Workshop Presentations

If you missed a recent HiSET Test Center Workshop or just want to have the presentation to review, PDF versions are now available for download.

• HiSET State Training – 8/5/2022 (PDF | File size: .95MB)
• HiSET State Training – 8/19/2022 (PDF | File size: 1.33MB)
• HiSET TCAR Workshop – 8/26/2022 (PDF | File size: .66MB)
• HiSET Options Webinar – 9/14/2022 (PDF | File size: .81MB)

9/16/2022: ADA Accommodations Information Added

We are happy to provide HiSET’s ADA Accommodations Policy for Test Centers. This page can also be accessed through the menu by navigating to Test Center Information > Accommodations Policy.

9/14/2022: Updated Program Manual and Test Center Requirements Available

The HiSET Program Manual and HiSET Test Center Requirements Flyer PDFs have been updated and are now available for download. See the Key Documents section for these and other important documents as they are available.

Here at PSI, we are thrilled about the HiSET® exam joining the PSI family of assessments.

On behalf of PSI’s Channel Operations, we welcome you to the PSI Test Center community and are excited to work with you as we near program launch in October.

As part of the transition, HiSET test administration will be moving from current ETS systems to the PSI platform. To help you navigate the changes and prepare for the first day of testing in October, we will be sending periodic email updates and providing general updates here.

As essential elements of the test taker experience, PSI is committed to supporting HiSET Test Centers so that you can focus on helping candidates achieve their dreams.

Key Dates

September 22

  • Final day for scheduling HiSET exams on the ETS system

September 23

  • First day for scheduling HiSET exams on PSI systems
  • Final day for testing and test administration on ETS systems

October 3

  • First day of testing on PSI systems

Key Documents

Access and download HiSET Test Center documents updated for the transition to PSI.

The HiSET® Program Manual for Test Centers

The quintessential resource for delivering a best-in-class testing experience.

PDF | File size: 1.84MB

The HiSET® Test Center Requirements Flyer

Read the requirements for delivering the HiSET exam in collaboration with PSI.

PDF | File size: 0.50MB

Who is PSI?

PSI is a global leader in workforce solutions with over 70 years’ experience delivering successful testing programs to help people achieve success in their academic, personal, and work lives.

Why did PSI acquire the HiSET program?

PSI’s mission statement is “To help people meet their potential.” Delivering the HiSET program is tightly aligned with that mission. On a practical level, given PSI’s strong presence in the US domestic certification market, we believe that there is considerable potential to grow the program, both through increased adoption by states and greater uptake among test takers, as well as exploiting synergies and broadening the range of associated products and services on offer from PSI’s wider portfolio.

PSI has complementary capabilities, such as additional career-oriented certifications and licenses, that HiSET test takers may be able to benefit from. PSI also has its own psychometrics and test development, test delivery and channel operations infrastructure to support the business.

When will my site be able to start delivering exams through PSI?

Candidate scheduling begins during September 2022, with test delivery beginning in October 2022, specific timelines will be provided in the coming weeks.

Will my site need to be approved by PSI to continue to deliver HiSET exams?

No, PSI will simply transfer your existing MOUs, and ensure that all site demographic details are documented in PSI’s delivery systems.

What does my site need to do to be prepared for HiSET delivery?

In the coming weeks, PSI Channel Management team will communicate further instructions which will include delivery platform and TCA access details, key PSI support information, HiSET program manuals, as well as TCA training.

How will my site schedule be setup?

Site schedules will be created and maintained by PSI’s centralized capacity planning team, Session Management, based on the information you provide in a forthcoming online form.

What can my site do right now?

At present we ask that you be on the lookout for further communications.

Will anything change with how my site will collect test taker fees or site fees?

No, the arrangements that you were previously accustomed to through ETS will still be applicable through PSI.

Will there be new test delivery requirements to be met to deliver exams through PSI?

No, all requirements will remain consistent once testing launches through PSI.

What if I have additional questions that are not covered in the FAQ document?

Please contact [email protected] so we can advise.

Stay Up-to-Date

We will add updates to this page as they are available. For more detailed updates, join our email list.

In the meantime, if your test center has any questions related to test delivery, please e-mail our HiSET Site Administrative Support team at [email protected] and a rep will be in touch to assist.