Nevada HiSET® Requirements

The following policies apply to anyone taking the HiSET® exam in Nevada When you schedule an appointment, you will need to confirm that you have read and understand these policies.

Nevada Eligibility Requirements

To take the HiSET exam in Nevada, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • High School Equivalency Status: You must not be enrolled, nor required to be enrolled in high school, and you must be without a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate to take the HiSET exam.
  • Age:
    • 18 years and older: you may take the HiSET exam if you have not already passed a state-approved high school equivalency assessment.
    • 16–17 years old: you may test under certain conditions. You must present official written permission of withdrawal from compulsory attendance from the board of trustees of a school district (or their designee within the school district or at your zoned school), along with signed parental permission, to your local test center in order to be able to take the exam. Contact your local testing center to verify that all requirements have been met before registering or scheduling the HiSET exam.
  • Residency: You must be a resident of Nevada to take the HiSET exam. There is no minimum residency requirement. You will be required to show proof of residency prior to testing.
  • Practice Test: Your local test center or educational agency may require you demonstrate readiness prior to actual testing. Check with your local test center before registering.
  • Identification: You must present valid photo identification on test day at the state-approved high school equivalency test center. Outdated or expired identification will not be accepted. Acceptable forms of identification include:
    • valid driver’s license
    • passport
    • military ID
    • other form of government issued identification that shows name, address, date of birth, signature and photograph

Nevada HiSET Testing Fees

Paper-based Test

Perfect for test takers who love the scratch of pencil on paper and the feeling they’re in high school all over again.

$ 15 .00

per subtest, plus test administration fee
(see below)

  • Paper-based tests may only be taken at a designated test center and are not available for Test at Home.

Computer-based Test

Ideal for test takers who are more comfortable clicking a mouse. Plus, it costs less.

$ 10 .75

per subtest, plus test administration fee
(see below)

Test Administration Fees

Test Center Fee:

$ 5 .00

per subtest

Test at Home Fee:

$ 17 .50

per subtest

State Admin Fee:

$ 0 .00

per subtest

* A test center administration fee is required for each re-test. Test center administration fees by modality are outlined above.

*Test Center fees must be paid directly to the test center and are due at the time of scheduling.